Frequently Asked Questions

Each ARID number is specific to each group. If your group has a Tax ID, then we can use that information instead of a Social Security number. However, if your group does not have a Tax ID, a SSN or Temporary Identification Number (TIN #) is required.

Perm numbers do not meet the requirements of required information requested by the BARC office when creating ARID numbers.

No, your group will not need to provide this information every time. After your group has provided the information to create the ARID number once, it can be used year after year for your group’s events.

The purpose of the ARID is to track your billing process with us at the UCen. We need to collect this information to bill your group for any incurred charges that may occur while hosting your event in the UCen.

It takes 2-3 business days to create the ARID # for groups. We will be sending ARID information over to the BARC office to create your group's ARID number every Thursday morning. If your group submits their information on a Friday, it could take up to one week to receive your ARID number.

We are not accepting any reservations without an ARID or recharge number. Your group can submit a room reservation but the space will not be held without the ARID or recharge number.

Yes, this information can be provided by anyone in your organization, it doesn’t have to be an officer. If no one feels comfortable doing so, reach out to your advisor so they can provide their information to us.

If your group has not had a paying event in 2021, then your group will not have an ARID created with the UCen. If your group has hosted an event in 2021 and paid, then we will have this information on file. You may also ask your group’s president or treasurer for the ARID as we have encouraged everyone to pass this information on each quarter.

If no one in your group feels comfortable, and your group does not have a Tax ID please reach out to your advisor to provide this information on behalf of your group. If you do not feel comfortable providing this information via email, we are more than happy to collect this information over the phone or in person.