The Hub

Plan an Event

With a maximum capacity of 900, The HUB is one of the largest venues on campus. It is a hotspot for concerts, dances, comedy shows and other types of social events at UCSB. We have two different sized stages available and an expert service staff to set up the rooms. UCen Catering Service has a variety of menus available for any party and we can accommodate events that would like to serve beer or wine.

How to schedule an event in the Hub

Scheduling is done by phone or email to Jill Singletary at: 805-451-9129 or
Call or leave a message with the following information:

  • Date with one or two alternatives, if applicable
  • Event time; start and finish
  • Your arrival time (if you plan to set up)
  • Your expected attendance
  • Event name or title
  • Type of event (i.e., dance, concert, comedy)
  • Room set up requirements
  • Group name
  • Any catering needs
  • Additional equipment (podium, easel, audio visual)
  • Funding Source