Service Manager Program

“UCen Services, how may I help you?”

The UCen Service Manager program has been designed to provide leadership opportunities for UCSB students.  UCen Service Managers are responsible for the security, safety, and appearance of the UCen. They are responsible for opening and closing the UCen and are present during building hours and/or when activities or events are taking place.  They serve as UCen Emergency Coordinators and are responsible for taking charge during any and all emergencies in the building.  They supervise the Service Assistants and serve as a role model for them.  Each Service Manager is given a special assignment to oversee and coordinate with the other Service Managers for the school year.

Service Crew Sonnet

Here rests the UCen Service Crew,

Ever so tired with much to do.

Spot us by our navy blues,

All dressed the same with closed-toed shoes.

There’s people to count and the Hub to reset

Tasks are not done till we’ve greeted and met.

But shoot we forgot to do chairs and check Corwin!

Guess we gotta hold off on the story outpourin’.

As soon as we’re back, the door must be closed

It’s time to tell gossip and watch all our shows.

Observers might ask: is this really our work?

The chill time and company’s quite a perk.

Too much of the UCen we’ve got knowledge about,

‘Cause we spend all our time here, day in an day out!

- J. Reisch, UCen Service Manager 2012-2015