Trans Revolution Series: An Evening with Gia Gunn

January 19 | 8:00PM
In the Hub

The Trans Revolution Series is a 4part​ speaker event where we bring out trans* folx to come to talk about their life and experience as being trans. This event allows our trans and queer students to learn more about the trans experience and be able to start developing stronger bonds of community. Gia Gunn is the stage name of Gia Ichikawa, a drag performer, television personality, and trans activist from Chicago, Illinois. She was one of many Drag Race alumni to criticize RuPaul's views on transgender and bio queens competing on the show in 2018. Gia Gunn came out as transgender on Trans Visibility Day 2017. She has documented her story through her YouTube series “30 Days in Transition”.

Beer Garden: 
Sponsored by: 
Queer Commission, RCSGD, AS Finance and Business Board, Women's Commission, SCORE, COSWB