Menu 2

Soup specials are available at Romaine's, Courtyard Café, and Coral Tree Café
Salad specials are available at Romaine's only.

  Non Veg. Soup Veg. Soup Salad Fatir
Mon Broccoli Cheddar West African Peanut Stewi Greek Salad Italian Style
Tues Cream of Turkey Mushroom with Bacon Vegan Tortilla Soup with Tortilla strips Vegetable Barley Greek Style
Wed Portuguese Chorizo with Kale Indian Curry Tabouli Middle East. Style
Thurs Pork Pozole Vegan Minestrone with Orzo Pasta Sweet & Sour Cabbage Mediterranean Style
Fri Artichoke Bisque Tomato Basil with Garlic Crostini Crab Ceviche South American Style