Sustainable Noodle Bar

Local, Sustainable Build-Your-Own Noodle Bar

Our sustainable noodle bar is served with ramen and udon noodles, miso or green curry broth, an Asian Salad, house made organic raspberry granola bars and almond cream cheese bars or gluten-friendly double chocolate brownies and gluten-friendly double chocolate chip walnut cookies, and perrier, kombucha and assorted Izzie sparkling juices or organic iced tea and cucumber lemon spa water.


Build-Your-Own Noodle Bar (Vegetarian)                                                                   $28.75/person

Pick 9 of the following items for a Build-Your-Own Noodle Bar:

Organic Basil

Organic Scallions

Shiitake Mushrooms

Organic Seared Tofu

Bean Sprouts

Organic Shredded Carrots


Soy Sauce

Organic Spinach

Free Range Hardboiled Eggs

Daikon Radish


Organic Kale

Sliced Chiles

Fish Sauce

Sesame Seeds

Sesame Oil


*Add free-range humanely certified chicken for $4.25/person or local sustainable fish for $10.50/person