Santa Barbara BBQ grilled chicken
Santa Barbara BBQ Plate and Server
Santa Barbara BBQ chicken slices

Santa Barbara BBQ


All entrées are served with a choice of two sides, dinner rolls or garlic bread, assorted cookies or brownies, and soft beverages or fresh lemonade and organic iced tea. On-site chef available at an additional cost. 15 person minimum with a maximum of three entrée choices

Angus Burgers and Big City Red Hot Dogs
Veggie burgers and mushroom/beef blended
burgers are available at no additional cost


Angus Tri Tip and Quartered Chicken (gluten free)
With pico de gallo and BBQ sauce


Grilled Zuchinni (gluten free and vegetarian)

With carrot mousse or rosemary mashed potatoes


Grilled Portobello Mushrooms (gluten free and vegetarian)

With tomato concasse and a balsamic reduction

Baby Back Pork Ribs (gluten free) $21.50/person

Angus Ribeye Steak

Marinated in herbs and spices


Black Bean Cake (vegetarian)

With Pico De gallo





  • Corn on the cobb  (gluten free and vegetarian)
  • Country potato salad  (gluten free and vegetarian)
  • Macaroni salad  (vegetarian)
  • Fruit salad  (gluten free and vegetarian)
  • Green beans with poached garlic  (gluten free and vegetarian)
  • Barbeque beans  (gluten free and vegetarian)
  • Coleslaw  (gluten free and vegetarian)
  • Pear and Pecan Bleu cheese salad (gluten free and vegetarian)


Cowboy Special 

Includes half servings of the angus tri tip and quartered chicken combo, organic ranch-style beans, coleslaw, chocolate chip cookies and soft beverages. No substitutions please.