Ristorante Baked Chicken
Ristorante Table Setting
Ristorante Pasta Salad


All entrées served with a roasted vegetable salad, as well as a choice of organic field greens or classic caesar salad (dressing contains anchovies), dinner rolls or garlic bread, assorted cookies or brownies and soft beverages or fresh lemonade and organic iced tea. 12 person minimum per entrée

Pasta Uno
Organic pasta with choice of chicken breast or italian sausage, fresh tomatoes, sautéed wild mushrooms, pine nuts, ginger and olive oil, topped with a vodka sauce

Pasta Due (Vegetarian)
Organic pasta with kalamata olives, sun dried tomatoes, grilled asparagus, artichokes, pesto, olive oil and sea salt.
Vegan upon request
Chicken Picatta
Chicken breast with a lemon and caper sauce, served with fettuccini alfredo
Tender shrimp with a lemon and caper sauce, served with fettuccini alfredo
Meat Lasagna
with marinara sauce, ricotta cheese and ground beef (sold in multiples of 12)

Veggie Lasagna (Vegetarian)
Served with pesto sauce, ricotta cheese and fresh vegetables (sold in multiples of 12)


Chicken Or Eggplant (Vegetarian) Parmesan
Marinara sauce and choice of roasted chicken breast or eggplant, served with spaghetti with pomodoro sauce


Spaghetti with Meatballs
With choice of marinara sauce or or fresh tomatoes, basil and garlic
Three Cheese Tortellini
With fresh shrimp, sweet peppers, fennel, and basil pesto sauce
Mediterranean Pasta (Vegetarian)
With fussilli, eggplant, tomatoes, oregano, feta cheese, pine nuts, and marinara sauce
Vegan Spaghetti Squash (Gluten free and vegan)
With coconut milk primavera and fresh vegetables
Gluten free pasta
10 person minimum