Local, Sustainable, Delicious


All entrees are served with a green salad made with local, seasonal organic produce, dinner rolls and butter, a seasonal vegetable medley, organic brown rice or quinoa, house made organic raspberry granola bars and almond cream cheese bars or gluten-friendly double chocolate brownies and gluten-friendly double chocolate chip walnut cookies, and perrier, kombucha and assorted Izzie sparkling juice or organic iced tea and cucumber lemon spa water


Grilled Eggplant Cannelloni [gluten-friendly and vegan] with tofu and roasted tomato sauce


Organic Chickpea Cakes with roasted vegetables and goat cheese


Grilled Free Range Humanely Certified Chicken [gluten-friendly] served on a bed of seasonal vegetables


Local Whitefish [gluten-friendly] served on a bed of seasonal vegetables



Add local, seasonal fruit to any order for $5/person