A La Carte Appetizer Dish
A La Carte Bruschetta
A La Carte Appetizers

A La Carte

The following options are for enhancing current orders and are not 
available for separate delivery (vegetarian)

Bran, blueberry, chocolate, lemon, and poppyseed


Breakfast Breads
Zucchini, banana nut, lemon, coffee cake

Bagels & Cream Cheese
Blueberry, cinnammon raisin, plain, whole wheat, sun-dried tomato, everything


Cheese/blueberry, cheese/strawberry, cheese/apricot


Apricot, blueberry, triple berry


Plain or chocolate, served with butter and jam


Chocolate cake, white cake, raised, old fashioned 
(available Monday – Friday only)


Cinnamon rolls
(available Monday – Friday only)


Chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut, sugar, butter toffee, double chocolate


Whole fruit
Variety of apples, bananas, and oranges (gluten free)


Vegan and Gluten Friendly options available upon request



Brownies  $39.00/half sheet $72.00/full
Almond cream cheese $43.50/dozen
Lemon Bar with powdered sugar $39.75/dozen

Raspberry granola (gluten free)





One half gallon is 8 cups

Fair trade organic italian roast coffee $21.00/half gallon
Fair trade organic italian roast decaf $21.00/half gallon

Hot water and assorted organic teas

$21.00/half gallon
Fresh orange juice $12.75/half gallon
Fresh lemonade $12.75/half gallon
Fair Trade organic iced tea $12.75/half gallon
Cranberry Juice $12.75/half gallon
Soft beverages $2.50/ea
Sparkling water $2.50/ea
Bottled Water $2.50/ea



Beverage Packages

Coffee/tea service (includes iced water) $4.25/person
Lemonade/iced tea service (includes iced water $3.25/person
Soft beverage service $2.50/person
Water Only service $0.95/person